Georgia Parents Upset Over Islam Being Taught In Public Schools... Completely Miss The Point

Oh, Georgia. You're just a big ole mess, aren't you? It's perfectly acceptable for coaches to coerce children into getting baptised on school property before football practice but g-d forbid our teachers actually teach important material about the world we live in. 

From a WSB news article published on September 28: 

A parent is concerned that a social studies lesson may possibly teach that all three religions covered -- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity -- worship the same god. Without looking at the syllabus or course description, I can't speak to the truth of that statement. I can say, however, that I do not believe the parent has learned much about religions other than his own -- at least not when it comes to Islam. Just a guess from his statement: 

"Allah is not the same god in my opinion because I don't worship Allah on Sunday mornings; Allah is just the Arabic word for god." 

So... this parent doesn't worship god on Sunday mornings? Are we to believe he's an athiest, then? By his own logic... 

He's also concerned because he believes the lesson teaches 'a watered-down version' of each religion, and 'doesn't mention the radical side of Islam.' I'm guessing the lesson doesn't teach the radical side of Christianity or Judaism, either. Is he also upset about that? And if the instructors were to teach the radical side of one religion, which does not apply across the board to the majority of believers, then they would need to teach the radical side of all others for fairness and to give a complete picture, correct? 

Another parent takes issue with the lesson for another reason: 

"I believe my children are my responsibility and I believe I need to be the one teaching them what we believe instead of the school." 

So homeschool, then. And from personal experience as a homeschool parent -- good luck finding curriculum that only teaches your point of view, especially if you are an athiest family. Near impossible. Even the homeschool curriculum provided by Georgia's public schools instruct children about Judaism and Christianity and Greek mythology STARTING IN KINDERGARTEN. 

And yet another parent decided that ignorance is best for his special snowflake. She was able to opt out of the lesson, though she did take a lower grade because of it. Which was well-deserved because she did not learn the full range of material that her social studies class required. The parent has taken issue with the fact that his daughter received a lower grade than her peers that actually, wait for it, LEARNED the material. He plans to meet with the school board. Okay... 

Look, I know it is hard to be steeped in religious beliefs and to have those beliefs challenged by education. But guess what? It's even worse to remain willfully ignorant and bigoted toward others because you did not have the opportunity to actually learn something in school. 

I am not here to debate the merits or faults of any religion. That said, I do believe that education is always better than ignorance. It is our responsibility, as parents, to ensure that our children receive a well-rounded education so they can make informed decisions when they grow up. It would be a disservice to our children -- and our world -- to act otherwise. 

What do you think? Should religion be taught in public schools? Only your religion? Why?