Grab A Towel -- Summer Is Coming!

Okay, guys. It's that time of year again -- Summer break is rapidly approaching, and even as a homeschool mom, I will readily admit that I have been looking forward to the busy travel season. There's just something about planning a big family trip, and whether you stay close to home or explore the great wide world, you can be sure to make many wonderful memories. 

One of my favorite things about the summer break is seeing all of the AMAZING places that my friends and family travel to (and yes, even the awesome places that my family and I travel to!) In fact, your trips totally inspire mine, so get out there and travel! But first... 

I recently published an article listing some of my favorite family travel destinations in the American Southeast. My family and I have traveled all over the country (except for the Northeast -- I know, I know, we'll get there one day!) and I've found many wonderful places to explore time and again. If you're looking for a great place to travel to that won't cost a lot of money, provides family-friendly fun and entertainment and is close to home, then I encourage you to click over and check it out.

Of course, one of the big things that you will have to plan is also one of the most uninteresting: How are you going to get there? Plane, train, boat or automobile -- getting there can actually be a big part of the fun. With the right planning, your journey can be an adventure. My family and I tend to drive most everywhere because I really REALLY do not enjoy flying. Turbulence, cramped spaces and rude passengers really, well, suck. If you're traveling somewhere far away or just prefer to fly, check out these tips for flying with a small child. Contrary to popular belief, it CAN be fun.

Where are you most excited to visit this summer? 

I'm ready for the beach, sunshine and strolls through a new (to me) city, with my handsome husband and sweet Danger by my side. 

SEA ya later! xoxo 

p.s. For more family travel tips and destinations, be sure to check out my Family Travel page!