...Because Dad Is Important, Too!

Father's Day: A day that should last all year. It would take at least that long to even begin to repay all of the courage, patience and hard work that the fathers in my life have bestowed upon me and sweet Danger. I'm incredibly lucky to have my father in my life, and I can't wait to celebrate with him this week - but first, let me talk about that handsome man that I get to call my husband (or babydaddy) (or studmuffin) (or bro) because he occasionally reads my blog and my dad doesn't. I think. 

Dre is pretty much the best dad ever. He provides our daughter with a wonderful example of what a real man is - he takes care of business at home and in the office, and we couldn't be any prouder. He encourages Danger to learn about technology and science, but the thing that I love most about him is that he helps us to find practical solutions to the things that we haven't even realized could be improved upon - yet. That kind of forward-thinking has helped him to succeed in business and in life, and I am so glad that he is setting such a great example for our daughter. 

I'm happy to see the big push lately to recognize fathers for all that they do. The days of media stereotyping men as 'reluctant caregivers' or 'clueless apes' might just be behind us. In the spirit of celebrating Dad for all that he has done for us girls, I've chosen some of my favorite daddy-daughter moments to share with you. 

And Dre, if you're reading this: Just keep doing that dad thing the way you already are. We love you! 

Do you have an awesome dad in your life? Call. Text. Visit. Celebrate!