A New Year in the Era of Trumpland

It started off hopeful enough, at least as any year immediately following the great dumpster fire of 2016 could possibly begin. The wild and unrealistic presidential election season has finally drawn to a close and we anxiously await the swearing-in of President-Elect Donald Trump. No, this is not a movie or a fairytale or a nightmare. It is simply another chapter in American history. In the words of Vice President Joe Biden: It is over. 

For many, the election of Trump, a business titan with no blatant political background, came as a shock. How could America be this racist/sexist/bigoted/hateful/stupid, many opined. Others argued that their vote was not in favor of racism or sexism or bigotry or hatred or stupidity, but merely out of a frustration with the fact that no one cares about their situation, least of all the “urban elites.” It’s certainly not compelling to learn about another farmer having financial troubles or a coal miner losing his job or that a white man (long suspected of being racist by virtue of his skin color) is not, in fact, a racist. Nor is it conceivable for most of vocal America to acknowledge that there are people that live daily lives that are different from ours, but not any less meaningful or deserving of representation. 

Simply put, there are two Americas

During the election cycle, I did not tell you who to vote for and I do not plan on revealing that information now that the election is over. We’ve come a long way from our country’s humble beginnings, and good or bad, we’ve learned many lessons along the way. 

At the same time, there is no way around the reality that all Americans face, no matter which of the candidates secured your vote in 2016: There is work to be done to make the world a better place for our children. Whether you choose to support environmental causes or family planning resources or financial literacy or education, do something. Say something. Because I guarantee that if you do not pursue a better world, your children will not inherit a better world. Problems do not always have a way of balancing themselves out, and checks and balances only tend to work when there are, in fact, checks AND balances. 

So buckle up, friends. 2017 is going to be one helluva ride and I, for one, cannot wait to dive right in and get to work! 

What will you do to ensure a brighter future for your child?