What's Your Guilty Pleasure? #StreamTeam

Guilty pleasures. We all have 'em. 

I like sipping Vanilla Bean Frapps from Starbucks, reading the comments section on polarizing web articles, and listening to gangsta rap in the comfort of my bedroom while pinning ALL THE THINGS on Pinterest. (Secret boards for the good stuff. That's how I roll.) 

I also like to partake in a weekly binge of Netflix-viewing. 

Netflix StreamTeam favorites | Classic Mommy - an Atlanta Mom Blogger

Netflix StreamTeam favorites | Classic Mommy - an Atlanta Mom Blogger

As I'm packing up for yet *another* big move, I usually have Pretty Little Liars or Orange Is The New Black going on in the background. What can I say? Sometimes it just feels so good to tune out while tuning in. My favorite shows and movies are available to stream on Netflix right now, which is just what I needed to get through the packing and moving and utility transfers... oh my! 

Danger doesn't usually indulge in a Netflix binge, as she typically sticks to the normal kid things like organizing her Shopkins collections, playing with friends on Animal Jam, and drawing pictures (lots of pictures!) that I simply cannot bring myself to toss. But there are some really great Netflix Kids options to enjoy on long road trips or during sleepover parties or if mama needs a break right.this.minute.  Or yeah... if we are moving to yet another new county. 

Right now, she's enjoying a couple of my childhood favorites, like Jem and Magic School Bus, as well as a few new favorite modern-kid titles, like Monster High (especially 13 Wishes!), and Total Drama Island

I know that limiting screen time is supposed to make me a better mom, but you know what? Making sure my daughter enjoys her last few days of summer break while I pack up our whole house makes me feel like Mother of the Year -- even if she is glued to the TV or computer. 

What are you streaming? 

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