Help Channel 2 And Children's Restoration Network Stuff The Bus This Saturday! #Atlanta

Last year, volunteers donated 5,500 new book bags and school supplies that helped every school-aged child living in a shelter or group home in the metro Atlanta area receive a brand new book bag filled with supplies. 

Visit one of these participating drop-off locations on Saturday, August 1 from noon-7 p.m. to lend your support to the Stuff The Bus initiative from WSB-TV and Children's Restoration Network:

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Knock Knock

So it pretty much goes without saying that a parent's life is full of humorous moments -- Child repeats a bad word or phrase they heard ONE time at the worst possible time (like that time my kid called me a 'buttface vagina' in front of church people) or when little hands squish your butt and boobs and tummy fat while you wait in line at Target (which has happened too many times to count). 

But what about the not-so-humorous moments of parenthood? Let's try something: 

Knock knock. 

Who's there? 

A mom. 

A mom who? 

A mom who just needs to throw out all of your toys because you refuse to keep your room tidy and we are moving and I don't have time for this crap. Seriously. 


No? (But it's funny 'cause it's true, amiright?) 

Ok. So I've been a little quiet lately. I don't hate my blog or social media channels. I've just been working on other things, like taking on a new social media client, packing up to move, answering questions on the Disney site, and reading to my daughter. I figure it's not the end of the world if I need to take a break from being online all.the.time because I like to make a big come back. I always come back. And here I am. Writing to you. 

I wish I had a new puppy or baby or car or some other adorable gimmick to entertain you with, but you'll have to settle for my awesome knock knock jokes and pics of sweet Danger: 

Classic Mommy | Atlanta Mom Blogger 

We good? 

p.s. I missed you. 

...Because Dad Is Important, Too!

Father's Day: A day that should last all year. It would take at least that long to even begin to repay all of the courage, patience and hard work that the fathers in my life have bestowed upon me and sweet Danger. I'm incredibly lucky to have my father in my life, and I can't wait to celebrate with him this week - but first, let me talk about that handsome man that I get to call my husband (or babydaddy) (or studmuffin) (or bro) because he occasionally reads my blog and my dad doesn't. I think. 

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Explore The Final Frontier With This Netflix #StreamTeam Favorite!

What would you choose to stream if you could only watch one hour of a television series each day? That's an easy question for me. I would choose an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I love to follow along with my favorite characters as they "boldly go where no one has gone before," and yeah, the pop culture ties make it even more appealing: 

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Grab A Towel -- Summer Is Coming!

I recently published an article listing some of my favorite family travel destinations in the American Southeast. My family and I have traveled all over the country (except for the Northeast -- I know, I know, we'll get there one day!) and I've found many wonderful places to explore time and again. If you're looking for a great place to travel to that won't cost a lot of money, provides family-friendly fun and entertainment and is close to home, then I encourage you to click over and check it out. 

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FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out? You Got It, Dude. Or I Do. Or We Are Both Crazy.

You know that feeling when all of your friends are invited to a party -- everyone except you, of course. I've never been the one left out (every good party needs that one girl that drinks too much, makes inappropriate jokes, and pukes on the patio, right?) but I can only imagine what it feels like. I am experiencing that kind of sadness right now, and it's tough. No matter how much I want to be included in things that I believe I am a perfect fit for - parties, social events, job opportunities - it's not always up to me to make the decisions. The only thing that is up to me is how I feel. And right now? 

I am good. 

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Let's Hear It For The MOMS!

Life as a parent is a lot of things -- busy, messy, rewarding -- but it is not easy. 

I've written this to encourage the Mom that needs encouraging, but really, it can apply to either parent or both parents or ALL parents. How many of these things can you identify with? 

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